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15 August 2017 @ 09:19 pm
If this will pass, we'll go back to the old days :(

my livejournal was created to follow fellow JE fans. yeah, i know my blog entries are kinda boring & random.. please bear with it. mixed kpop & jpop stuff.. everything is random. :p

yoroshiku ne~
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07 March 2017 @ 08:50 pm
in regards to this translated post of Fantagio -

all i can say are:

1) i don't believe that they can't do anything about Eunwoo's schedules. given that they already know their schedule for that week, they could have asked some one else to replace Eunwoo for just a day, Mar 4, to MC MuCore so that he can rest during that one day. Eunwoo may have healed fast but still he needs proper rest, they should remember that he's the busiest among Astro members. let's face it, he's the selling point of Astro, now that he's been offered projects left and right, they should be more careful in accepting those. managers should double check his schedules before saying 'yes' to an offer.

2) as for Fantagio, this is their 1st major break, they're still lost on what should and should have not done. honestly, did 5urprise and Hello Venus had this kind of popularity when they debuted? NO, they don't have. i've already heard of Fantagio during the time Gong Yoo joined that company, i know they focuses on actors and actresses and Astro is their 1st successful boy group.

3) for their '붙잡았어야 해' music video, they said that 'it doesn't fit their image'? why, what kind of music video did they shot that would say it won't fit their image? i thought before shooting such video, there will be brainstorming for staff so that they could say 'yes' or 'no' to it before shooting it, right? unless, the idea changed while shooting the video and they added some unneccessary scenes.

4) in line with this, as an apology, i'm requesting Fantagio to release Astro's practice videos for '붙잡았어야 해' and 'You & Me'
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15 February 2017 @ 08:28 am
early this year, i started to fall for this group called Astro, specially with Eunwoo. maybe it was a sign that i should start my year happy coz L.Joe has been so quiet since 3rd quarter of 2016.

funny vs serious

straight face vs smiling face

tired & no makeup


tall nose and long eyelashes

for me, his gorgeousness is so out of this world.. i badly want to see him in person.. sniff~

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15 February 2017 @ 07:52 am
last Feb. 9 we Angels and Ljjangs (L.Joe bias) received a news that he's filing for nullification of his contract from TOP Media. reports said that TOP Media didn't want him to do solo promotions, his casting fee went up (7x) after 딴따라 that made other projects go aloof. TOP Media said that L.Joe prefers to pursue acting than singing that made them decide not for him to do solo promotions, do you think that true, that L.Joe got actor sickness?

for me, why stop him but let this other guy do his solo stuff? they're already on their 7th year, they shouldn't be just focusing on singing - they should do hosting, variety, acting, musical, etc. whatever it is, i'll just wait for further developments on this, writing about this, makes me feel sad and disappointed.

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09 February 2017 @ 01:15 pm
L.Joe left Teen Top..

news 1
news 2
news 3
news 4
news 5
news 6 (English)
news 7 (English)
news 8
news 9
news 10
15 January 2017 @ 04:11 pm

Stage Name: 차은우 Cha Eunwoo

Birth Name: 이동민 Lee Dong-Min

Nickname: 새벽알람 Morning Alarm, 차파고

DOB: March 30, 1997

Height/Weight: 183cm / 64kg

Blood Type: B

Speciality: Swimming, Acting, DJing

Music Instrument: Piano, Guitar & Violin

Team Role: Vocal, Dancer, Visual, Actor, Model

Language: Korean, English | Basic: Japanese & Chinese

Hometown: Sabon District, Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province


  • Suri Middle School

  • Suri High School

  • 2013 - 2016 Hanlim Multi Arts High School

  • 2016 - Sungkyunkwan University, Acting Major (accepted in November 2015)


  • 2014 KBS 9AM/PM News - Hallyu Star & Gangnam Style: Trainee Interview with Moonbin, Rocky, and Jinjin

- Movie

  • 2014 두근두근 내 인생 “My Brilliant Life”

- Drama

  • 2015 Fantagio Web Drama 투비컨티뉴드 ‘To Be Continued’


iTeen Audition Promotional Videos:

  • 2013 Winter Audition with Mr. Pizza (with Moonbin, Ex-iTeenGirls: Hyonju and Sieun)

  • 2014 Voice of Fantagio (with Jaesung & Junyong)

Interesting Facts:

  • Eunwoo is the 1st trainee who has been introduced before his Photo Test Cut revealed

  • He can play piano, violin, guitar, and DJ-ing

  • The 4th trainee that officially introduced with Photo Test Cut by Fantagio iTeen

  • Always wake-up earlier & start waking up the rest members afterward, he got nickname as “Morning Alarm”

  • Starring in 2014 KMovie “My Brilliant Life: as imaginary teenage healthy version of Song Hyekyo & Kang Dongwon’s son - Ahreum

  • Eunwoo has the best visual among idol, known as “ManJjitNam” (a real-life version of the handsome boy from girls’ comic world)

  • Jinjin revealed Eunwoo and him is the best English speaker among ASTRO

  • His favorite football team is Real Madrid.


There is no more TEENTOP’s L.Joe who used to be charismatic on the stage. Now he is the weird drummer Seo Jae Hoon. He showed his presence in SBS ‘Entertainer’ (Written by Yoo Young Ah, produced by Hong Sung Chang, Lee Kwang Young). There was no TEENTOP’s rapper with powerful dance in Seoul university student Seo Jae Hoon. He was complimented as a ‘good rookie actor’ in ‘Entertainer.’ But he was humble. He said, “I cannot even score myself. I will continue to practice and learn about acting.” But he showed authenticity. He learned how a good actor is like from Jisung, the leader of Tantara band and how enjoyable acting could be from other actors. His acting life starts from now on.


Q. You successfully finished with your first drama.
L.Joe: I didn’t join the drama from the beginning, but in the middle. So I was burdened. I didn’t want to hurt others. I practiced playing drums very hard. I had many worries. But many senior actors helped me with acting on the filming site. As time went by, I could be more comfortable with acting.

Q. Are you satisfied with your acting?
: I monitor myself a lot. I looked for my weak points. From pronunciation, posture to facial expressions, I had so many things to fix. What I thought was that I still had a long way to go. I have so many things to fix.

Q. The character Seo Jae Hoon had really weird personality. I know that you are actually a quiet person.
: I tried hard to be Seo Jae Hoon. His character is the opposite of me. But it was not difficult. I enjoyed acting. I felt attractive that I live another person’s life.

L.Joe (Entertainer) 1

Q. What was something that you took care of most during acting?
: Drum, because my role was a genius drummer. I had to play drum well. I listened to the songs so many times. I hoped that I could feel the rhythm of the songs. When I was on the concert tour, I practiced with drum sticks. And I hoped that my character would seem attractive, not ordinary. I imagined myself a lot. I got a nickname of ‘psycho drummer.’ I’m satisfied with it.

Q. You might have felt different to play drum rather than dance on the stage.
L.Joe: I didn’t actually feel much difference. It was the same that I practiced something hard and showed it to the audience. But it was less harsh than when I was in TEENTOP. (laughter)

Q. Seo Jae Hoon’s parents are strongly against Seo Jaehoon’s making debut as an entertainer. How did you, L.Joe made debut?
: When I first talked with the drama’s writer, I told her about how I made debut. I don’t know whether she reflected my story on the drama, but like the character in the drama, my mother was against my being a singer, and my father helped me out. So I could feel empathy to the mom in the drama. I was always a good boy to my mom. So I felt easy to understand the character, Seo Jae Hoon. When I said that I wanted to be an entertainer, my mother worried about me a lot. When I was going to make debut in 2009 and 2010, there some conflicts with her. She was too worried about her son. But now she likes my acting. In the drama, the mom also supports her son at the end. I felt that mothers could never win against their children.

L.Joe (Entertainer) 2

Q. What would you do if your child wants to be an entertainer?
: I think I would support him. I want to cheer him up for doing what he wants. But I want to make sure whether he has a strong determination. People say it’s difficult to live as an entertainer, but there’s no job in the world that is nor difficult.

Q. ‘Entertainer’ is a story about a manager’s hardships.
: I’m a singer on the stage, so I don’t know much about it. But I got interested in it. I thought that our agency must have gone through hardships. I thought of our bosses.

Q. How was acting with Jisung?
: There was a scene where we had to cooperate. And he gave me lots of advice. I thought that I was taking a really valuable acting lesson. I wondered if I could be such diligent and good senior actor to my junior actors. I thought that he was really innocent. I just thought of him as a good actor before, but now I admire him.

L.Joe (Entertainer) 3

Q. You must have become close with Tantara band members (Kang Min Hyuk, Kong Myung, Lee Tae Sun) and Hyeri.
: We really got close. We had meals together, watched movies when we had time. We are recently into bowling.

Q. The fans cheered up about your acting very enthusiastically.
: They supported me a lot during the filming. I thank them so much. For ‘The Show’ and filming for the fan meeting, many fans visited me. I want to show thanks to those fans who cheered me up. I thank the way to reward them is to work harder. I want to come back as TEENTOP or other dramas as soon as possible. I like working. I want my fans to wait a little bit more.

Q. Is there any words that L.Joe want to say to Seo Jae Hoon?
: I don’t know how time passed. It feels like it’s too soon. But I will keep watching him while I prepare for the next work. I hope he will just remain like him as now.

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05 January 2017 @ 09:39 am
Rookie group, Astro from Fantagio

(from left to right) Rocky, Eunwoo, MJ, Moonbin, Sanha, Jinjin

my bias is Lee Dongmin a.k.a Cha Eunwoo -


my otp, Morning Call Eunwoo & 멍냥이 Moonbin -

i like their lively, energetic group! i wish them all the best..
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08 November 2016 @ 11:31 am
Chii was married into Asahina family, who has 13 brothers. Some of them confessed their feelings for her but Chii stayed firm - loving them as her brothers.

Chii, the female protagonist and her pet, Juli
[her brothers]


2nd son

Kaname, 3rd son

Hikaru, 4th son

Triplets: identical twins - Tsubaki and Azusa; and their fraternal twin, Natsumi
5th, 6th and 7th sons
Tsubaki and Azusa are voice actors while Natsumi is working in a gaming company

Louis, adopted 8th son

Subaru, 9th son
college, into basketball

Iori, 10th son
college, into flowers

11th son
Chii's HS classmate

Futo, 12th son
idol, middle school kid

Primary school kid

Rintaro, Chii's dad and Miwa, Asahina brothers' mom

Brothers and Sister
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